Jackie Baldwin


Murder at Whiteadder House

Murder at Whiteadder House
When Eliza Anderson walks through Grace McKenna’s door begging for help finding her missing sister, it sparks the Portobello Detective Agency’s most dangerous investigation to date.

The trail leads Grace and her team to a plush clinic nestled in Scotland’s remote wilderness. On the surface, Whiteadder House seems too good to be true, offering miracle cures and luxury comfort at no cost. But as they dig deeper, the cracks in its gleaming façade start to show.

Before long, Grace and her protégée Hannah are fighting to infiltrate Whiteadder’s inner sanctum, going undercover while racing to uncover its dark secrets. Little do they know that Whiteadder’s founders have been buying influence at the highest levels to keep prying eyes away, and this time Grace is not going to get any help from the police. Has her handsome ex-husband Brodie been compromised too?

With the facility locked down tight and a web of corruption allowing Whiteadder to operate unchecked, Grace must trust her instincts and sacrifice everything to find a way in to save her client’s sister – and, even more difficult, a way out. Then a young woman’s body is found on a nearby beach – could it be linked to the clinic? Grace knows she must find out before more lives are lost…

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